I have a dimension table 'LOCATION' which has attributes like Region, Country, State and City. Hierarchy is built with levels in the same order as mentioned here. Schema is built based on mondrian 4 and setup in Saiku EE 3.8.3, mondrian-4.4-lagunitas-SNAPSHOT-with-kylin-dialect.jar and Kylin. Unfortunately, there are some City names which are duplicated across countries and regions. For eg,
India -> Tamil Nadu -> Salem
US -> Alabama -> Salem
US -> Florida -> Salem
so on ......

The problem is that while fetching any fact and building hierarchy city wise, all Salem data (irrespective of state/country) is aggregated and displayed in Saiku, instead of showing separate data for each state. Tried using uniqueMember=false for level/attributes to show that parent level can be different, no use. We are have almost decided to reject mondrian as our OLAP due to this issue. Thought of checking in this forum whether there is any way to handle this before making final decision. Appreciate any help to resolve this issue. Is mondrian capable of building such hierarchies properly?