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Thread: how to create report on the web

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    Default how to create report on the web

    hello, i am a beginner
    i would like to find a tool and its main function is that on the web, users can drag the different fields of the table to the specified location, set the query conditions, click on the button and generate the desired report.
    Someone told me that pentaho can do this but i dont known how.
    Can anyone help me ? some tutorial, demo, or even some key words can help.
    Thank you

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    If I understand you correctly you are looking for either Pentaho interactive reporting (which I believe is only part of the enterprise edition) or Saiku Analytics which can be used with the community edition
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    (A little bump for this thread because I have a very similar problem to my friend "wyy" )

    Is it possible to create reports in the web User console ?
    Currently I'm using prd-ce- and pentaho-server-ce- in virtual machine. I create reports using report designer UI (virtualbox). When I create a report I can to publish it and later view it in the user console.
    But now I want install RD and Server on a dedicated server.
    Is there a way to create the reports in the console with the community version ?



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    You can do that using WAQR or Saiku.. once you log into your pentaho user console, you go to market place and download the plugins from there. In case it doesn't work, you can visit the marketplace( site and download.

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    Just a note: You can install and use PRD on any machine, not just where the server is.

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