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Thread: Reference to list of all internal styles

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    Default Reference to list of all internal styles

    Where can we find the list of all the internal styles defined for a report. Is there a CSS which can be solid reference while creating external styles.

    I do see some good details at But this seem to be pretty old blog. Wish to have similar info on latest PRD version and wish such details are from Official Pentaho Report Designer documentation
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    PRD does not have internal styles sheets, we are primitive compared to browsers. For any particular Element instance, you can use Element#getDefaultStyleSheet() to get the built-in defaults.

    That should give you the following instances: for master-report and all subreports for instances of Section that are not RootLevelBand or Band for instances of RootLevelBand for Band instance, for everything else.

    They should all be read-only, btw. Dont mess with them or the bark Exceptions at you.
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