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Thread: Forecasting method required in Weka

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    Default Forecasting method required in Weka

    (1)What analyses method would be the best to analyse a 20 years range numbers ?
    How to forecast with at least 99 % conf level. What method to use ? J48 ?

    (1a). I believe that any range of numbers has a structure. How to find that structure?

    (2) What should the format of my range (numeric or text) .When I open the Trees method, the J48 classification is grey.Why is that?
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    I'm not sure exactly what your application is. If the variables are all numeric then you will need to use a regression scheme such as linear regression or M5P (regression/model trees). J48 can only operate on data with a nominal target field.


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    Hello Mark ,
    Thank you for your answer.
    all variables are numerical. My challenge is now to determine the structure of N a how it forecasts the next demand with 99% conf.
    In the Classifier evaluations options I have:
    output predictions a :NULL
    Random seed for xVal /split : 1
    In the test options: cross validations folds 10 (my data contains 35 years demand)
    What would be your advise to set the analyses parameter's?

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