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Thread: Itext version upgrade?

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    Question Itext version upgrade?

    Itext upgrading version, is any planning to upgrade version Itext7 as Complex layout issue resolve in Itext7

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    No. IText moved license from LGPL to AGPL and moving the whole product to that evil license would upset a lot of people. I think most people would not like to forcefully opensource any of their software just because it communicates with a BI-solution.

    Upgrading iText may not even be needed. IText 2 has support for complex text layouts. But: Complex text layout requires changes in the layouting engine used by Pentaho Reporting. There is experimental (means: use at own risk!) code in the project for that purpose. That code may or may not work for you. Enable it by first enabling PRD to show expert options (via Edit->Preferences) and then you can set the "complex-text" property on the master-report. That should enable full text layouting of complex glyphs.
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