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Thread: Dashboard Component Error Handling

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    Default Dashboard Component Error Handling

    I am using the Dashboard Component to embed various dashboards within another. This works fine but occasionally (for various reasons to do with user permissions or naming) the path may not be accessible and the Dashboard Component will fail. However in this case the UI is blocked and I cannot find a way of catching this error and restoring the main dashboard back to a working function.

    I have tried calling $("body").unblock() and this will allow the overlay to disappear. But after this no other links will work.

    I'm at a loss as to how to resolve this. It's as if their is a synchronous request with the Dashboard Component and after this error nothing else will work.

    Could you shed some light on this situation for me?

    I have read that there should be an event "cdf cdf:error" but I am unsure how to use this to restore the main dashboard back to health.


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    Hi, can you attach a dashboard that replicates the issue you just described?

    If I edit the Dashboard Component sample and set an invalid path for the first Dashboard Component, when I render the dashboard the first component will fail but the second will render correctly and the dashboard is still usable despite the error thrown by the first Dashboard Component.

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