I'm having problems trying to load an image in a report that is located in the repository.
Note: I'm using Pentaho CE 7.0 and Pentaho Reporting.

For example, my report is at:

and it is trying to load an image at

I'm using an element of type Image, but I'm unable to load that image.

I'm successful in using an image embedded in the file report and an image file from the web, for example Google's logo.
( https://www.google.pt/images/brandin...r_272x92dp.png )

However, I'm unsuccessful in trying to use an image from Pentaho repository.
I have tried severel different URLs in 'Link to' inside the 'edit content'.

How can I put an image from my Pentaho repository into a report in the Report Designer that is later published to the same repository?

Thank you in advance.