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Thread: change datasource result with parameter from another dashboard

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    Post change datasource result with parameter from another dashboard

    i have two dashboards:

    dashboard 1:
    - this one sends id as parameter in url

    dashboard 2:
    - datasource with a query using id parameter as where clause
    - select component working with this datasource

    i could not figure out how to make it work.

    my datasource:
    - name: dsDataDescription
    - one symple query:
    select distinct description
    from myTable
    where id = ${id}
    - one parameter:
    name: id
    value: parameterid
    type: integer

    my parameter:
    simple parameter
    name: parameterid

    my select component:
    name: select_description
    datasource: dsDataDescription

    here i tried this:
    in Pre Execution:
    function f() {
    var id = Dashboards.getQueryParameter('id');
    if (id && id !== "") {
    Dashboards.fireChange('parameterid', id);

    but i got this error:
    Error processing component (select_description)

    i dont know how to make my datasource filter the information with my url parameter.

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    Feb 2017


    ok, i figure out:

    in my select component:
    - parameter:
    arg: parameterid
    value: parameterid
    - listener:
    check parameterid

    with this my select component is working fine

    (yes, i got one query component to change the parameter value, but i think that i can use one custom parameter or other way without query component, i will try here)

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