I've got two issues regarding CDE:

- 1: My dashboard uses kettle jobs to feed the components (by the way, handmade D3 based components), refreshing them every two minutes. At some point, the navigator (firefox and chrome) crashes because of the memory. It looks like the javascript memory keeps increasing until the navigator crashes. Any thougths on how can I free this JS memory?
Info: My dashboard must be up always, so I can not close it and reopen it
Info2: The refresing of the components doesn't refresh the website, only their data.

- 2: My components' querys sometimes fail because (I think) the communication between the kettle job and the database server can not be stablished (net::ERR:INVALID_CHUNKED_ENCODING). I am trying to handle this error in the postFetch or postExecution functions, but when it happens it looks like none of them runs ( I can understand why the postFetch function doesn't work, but I have my doubts about the postExecution). Any ideas on how can I handle this error??

Thanks in advance.