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Thread: CDE NewMapComponent KML key

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    Default CDE NewMapComponent KML key

    i have one map working with a kml shape file, and the placemark its the name of the city:

    <name>Belo Horizonte</name>
    <SchemaData schemaUrl="#55mu2500gsr">
    <SimpleData name="GEOCODIG_M">3106200</SimpleData>
    <SimpleData name="UF">31</SimpleData>
    <SimpleData name="SIGLA">MG</SimpleData>
    <SimpleData name="NOME_MUNIC">Belo Horizonte</SimpleData>
    <SimpleData name="REGIão">Sudeste</SimpleData>

    when i use 'Belo Horizonte' as field value from my datasource, the shape works fine, but i want to use GEOCODIG_M (bolder information in the code quoted), then my datasource will have 3106200 as key value to show the Belo Horizonte's shape in the map. Is there a way to do this with the same kml?

    Pentaho CDE version: Release

    thanks in advance
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    Yes, there is.
    Since the information is stored in an element whose attribute has a specific value, it's a bit harder to get to it.
    You'll have to configure the addIn in preExecution:
    this.setAddInOptions("ShapeResolver", "kml", {
      idSelector: "SimpleData[name=GEOCODIG_M]"

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    Crusso!!! really thanks!!!!! this will help not only for that, but for other things too.

    works like a charm


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