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Thread: Parameterize PostgreSQL Schema in JDBC Data Source for CDE Dashboard

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    Default Parameterize PostgreSQL Schema in JDBC Data Source for CDE Dashboard

    Our current data structure uses PostgreSQL schemas to keep data from different sources separate. The underlying structure within each schema is identical. The end goal would be to have a dashboard configured in such a way that the end user could pick the desired schema from a drop-down list, and the query updated to get data out of the corresponding schema.

    I've tried numerous things to remedy the problem but cannot get this to work.

    1. Add SET SCHEMA 'schema' to the query
    2. Added currentSchema=schema to the JDBC string
    3. Parameterized the schema name ${schema}.tablename

    I noticed a recent post with the same problem but the solutions appears to be specific to Report Designer.

    Any help in getting a similar solution for a CDE Dashboard would be greatly appreciated.

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    your best option is probably to implement a new version of IDBDatasourceService that gets the schema name from the query string (or from a session variable).
    Pedro Vale
    CTools Product Development

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