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Thread: dynamic y axis tick intervals in charts

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    Default dynamic y axis tick intervals in charts

    Hey guys,
    Do any of you have a workaround for making the y axis tick intervals dynamic in the charts? I have some reports that can range from viewing a day to viewing a month and the range on the y axis can vary greatly. I know there are some things I could do to jfreereports directly, but I thought I would see if anyone else had faced this issue and found an easier way around this. So far, I've only found a jira ticket saying this will be looked at for version 4.1 of the report designer. I can't find that jira ticket again, but if I do, I will add it to this thread.



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    Sorry to add in this ticket.

    Any way to show % in Yaxis? when I added 0.0% in y-tick-fmt-str, it shows 100% as 10000.0%

    Please help me to display it as 100%


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    Try .1 instead of 100 ... you are trying to show a percentage as a percentage ... so 100%, at a 100% value = 10000%

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    Oh, and for the dynamic intervals... you will need to learn 'beanshell'

    Doing this allowed me to get some dynamic Y values on my chart.

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