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Thread: Location of CDE Dashboard files/solution folders in the file structure?

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    Default Location of CDE Dashboard files/solution folders in the file structure?

    For the life of me I cannot find where Pentaho stores the user-created CDE Dashboard files in the file structure? I am using the Community Edition, and I assumed that all the files would be stored in /biserver-ce/pentaho-solutions. When I sign into the Pentaho User Console and select Browse Files, the folders I see do not match what I see in the pentaho-solutions directory. For example, there is a "Steel Wheels" folder in the Browse Files pane, but I cannot find it in the Pentaho directory. Similarly, if I create a folder and a CDE Dashboard within it, I cannot find it in the Pentaho directory. I have done find / -name "*.wcdf" and it doesn't find the CDE Dashboard I created.
    I have tried a couple tutorials (including the CDF Tutorial bundle available on where I manually create the CDF files, such as, index.xml, the .xcdf file and .html file, and if I place the files in a folder in the /biserver-ce/pentaho-solutions directory (and of course, stop and start the Pentaho server), I do not see the dashboard show up in the Browse Files pane through the Pentaho User Console. This is the very first lesson in the CDF tutorial, and I can't get it to work.
    Creating folders and files through the PUC must mean they are stored somewhere in the directory structure; likewise, if we manually create the files per the tutorials, they must be able to be placed somewhere for the PUC to pick them up. Can anyone please help? Sadly, I have already spent hours on this and not sure I will be able to figure this out without some help. Thank you.

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    You assumed wrong. They are stored in the jcr repository.

    You need to download the files if you want to access them that way
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