Hello guys,

I'm having some issues with using markers with Map component.
I had this working in pentaho 6 and now that i'm migrating to 7 I'm having some issues with this.

So in new version I have the same configuration that i had in 6.

I'm using a transformation to provide the data with the following format:

Longitude, Latitude, Description, popupContents, marker

Markers url are as follow:
cast('/pentaho/plugin/pentaho-cdf-dd/api/resources/system/workwisePentaho/static/custom/img/blue_marker.png' as text)
cast('/pentaho/plugin/pentaho-cdf-dd/api/resources/system/workwisePentaho/static/custom/img/red_marker.png' as text)

I've tested the link itself and the image is showing up if i put it in the browser.

I have no idea why this isnt working in the new version.

Any input would be glad.