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Thread: Can not create a bar chart from mysql table

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    Default Can not create a bar chart from mysql table


    I am new to Pentaho.

    I have followed this tutorial and installed Pentaho Community Edition 7.1.

    1. Created a datasource for a mysql table leads
    2. Created measures and dimensions for the leads table

    But I am not able to create a report using OLAP Chart from the table.

    I have included order value as a measure and id, partner id, lead status as dimensions.

    But this does not help to create a bar chart. I see many exceptions in the tomcat console related to mdx query and other stuff related to queries.

    at by: pt.webdetails.cda.dataaccess.QueryException: Mondrian Error:Failed to parse query 'select NON EMPTY(TopCount({Descendants([LEAD].[All LEADs] ,[LEAD].[Id])}, 15)) on ROWS,
    NON EMPTY({Descendants([LEAD].[All LEADs] ,[LEAD].[Id]) * Descendants([LEAD].[All LEADs] ,[LEAD].[Created on])}) on Columns
    from [cashcare_prod]'
    Seems like measures and dimensions are not done correctly.

    I looked over web to get some help. But could not find anything helpful. Can someone point out an tutorial/resource to udnerstand how to create reports on Pentaho BA?

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    Any help on this? I need to get this going so that I can solve this small trial report and try bigger reports. Any help would be great.
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