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Thread: best way to cache data to use among different transformations

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    Default best way to cache data to use among different transformations

    I have a transformation that reads millions of user ids from a mega data store.

    I would like to store those ids in a list or hashmap.

    I have about a dozen of other transformations.
    Each of those transformations gets input data (user ids) from other distinct child data stores.

    What I would like to do is, in a UDJC, as I get the user ids from the child data stores, somehow check if each user id is already in the mega user id list.
    How can I create/incorporate a list of mega user ids that I can use in my UDJCs?


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    by lack of responses, I'm figuring there is no caching way...

    My solution has been to serialize the mega user ids to a file in one transformation and de-serialize the file in subsequent transformations.

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    Ah, I saw your post a few days back and wanted to reply, but for some reason my account was blocked at the time. I wanted to suggest using the built-in HSQL database
    But apart from that, saving the data to a DB or a file works too.

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