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Thread: Import Users / Roles to Pentaho 7.1

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    Default Import Users / Roles to Pentaho 7.1

    Hi everyone,

    I´m migrating Pentaho from Pentaho 5 to Pentaho 7.1.

    Everything was fine, and now is the moment to migrate the Users / Roles scheme.

    I don´t know if is possible to make an export / import process, or I must create that scheme manually.

    I´m importing from:

    Pentaho User Console


    Pentaho User Console

    Really thanks in advance.

    Best regards.

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    In the Pentaho server directory there is an import-export.bat file. You can use that file to export and import users and other content from the Pentaho repository. See fe

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    Really thanks for the answer, but It does not work fine.

    I have pentaho in a ubuntu Server 16 inside a VMware worstation 12, I did it as the link you sent me:

    ./ --backup --url=http://localhost:8080/pentaho --username=admin --password=password --file-path=/home/Downloads/ --logfile=/temp/logfile.log

    And I tried with:

    ./ --backup --url= --username="My username" --password="My password" --file-path=/home/Downloads/ --logfile=/temp/logfile.log
    ./ --backup --url= --username="My username" --password="My password" --file-path=/home/Downloads/
    ./ --backup --url= --username="My username" --password="My password" --file-path=/opt/ --logfile=/opt/logfile.log
    ./ --backup --url= --username="My username" --password="My password" --file-path=/opt/

    And allways have this answer:

    As I´m working inside a VMware , I can´t scroll up to see what´s happen, can somebody support me?

    I have checked that no one archive was created.

    Thanks in advance.

    By the way I have pentaho server 7.1 , not the 6.X version, It´s is important?

    Best regards.
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    I have tried it in pentaho 5 Server In windows ,and I got this error:

    Error occurred during initialization of VM

    Could not reserve enough space for object heap
    Error: Could not create the Java virtual machine.

    Error: error a fatal exception has occurred. program will exit.

    I did this :

    Go to Start → Control Panel → System → Advanced system settings → advanced(tab) → Environment Variables → System Variables → New:
    Variable name: _JAVA_OPTIONS
    Variable value:-Xmx512M
    And that does not work, Is the production server, so I don´t like to nodify nothing .......

    Thanks in advance.

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