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Thread: Show 3 lines in a CCC Chart Line

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    Default Show 3 lines in a CCC Chart Line


    I need a line graph like this attached.

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    It needs to display one line with the Superior Limit, one with the Inferior Limit, and one with all points registered.
    In sql I have this query, which has these values I need:

    select dp.CODE as Product,
    Max(convert(decimal(10,2),(wf.SPECIFICATION + ((dm.Percentual/100)*wf.SPECIFICATION)))) as 'Superior Limit',
    Min(convert(decimal(10,2),(wf.SPECIFICATION - ((dm.Percentual/100)*wf.SPECIFICATION)))) as 'Inferior Limit',
    wf.WEIGHT_VALUE as Weight
    from WEIGHT_FACT wf
    join DIM_MACHINE dm on (dm.ID_MACHINE = wf.ID_MACHINE)
    join DIM_PRODUCT dp on (dp.ID_PRODUCT = wf.ID_PRODUCT)
    join DIM_TIME dt on (dt.ID_TIME = wf.ID_TIME)
    where dp.CODE = 'AAA'
    group by dp.CODE, wf.WEIGHT_VALUE

    Query result:

    Name:  resultado query.PNG
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    But I can not do the line graph shows the 3 lines, It always summarizes (SUM) the Weight column.
    Would it be necessary to change something in the query or in the CCC chart line have some configuration for this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    In column A you have to put the variable value related to the single row (e.g. the related date).

    Anyway, I was not able to render the data exactly the way you depicted, because using the parameter "dotsVisible: True" switch on the dots in all three lines.
    Did you find a way to limit the dots in just one line?

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