I am using Pentaho 7.1 CE and creating CDE dashboard.In Pentaho 7 by default require.js support in enable. Then add a Query Component. Provide out the usual settings, define a Result Var name, e.g. dataset.Then I have added D3 code to the PostExecution function.Also, i have to prepare the dataset with the compatibility of D3.Before without requireJS, we are calling the result variable name in the PostExecutionfunction like i have mentioned below :

function ()
var data = [];

for(var i=0; i < dataset.length; i++){
var dataObject = {};
dataObject.letter = dataset1[i][0];
dataObject.frequency = dataset1[i][1];
// D3 chart code.

But i am struggling to make the same function working with require.js.Now I can't find where this info is held? Does anybody know if this is till possible or what the solution is now?