I am using cda document to fetch data from Mondrain.
My query is MDX based, I create a report in Saiku and copy that MDX then use that in my CDA file. In Saiku its shows 1 record, but in CDA file out put it return 10 row with few NULL values.
Here is my query.

SET [~Time_Time.Default_Year] AS
Exists({[Time.Default].[Year].Members}, [~Time_Time.Default_Day])
SET [~Time_Time.Default_Month] AS
Exists({[Time.Default].[Month].Members}, [~Time_Time.Default_Day])
SET [~Time_Time.Default_Day] AS
SET [~ROWS_Time_Time.Default] AS
Hierarchize({[~Time_Time.Default_Year], [~Time_Time.Default_Month], [~Time_Time.Default_Day]})
SET [~Client_Client_ClientId] AS
SET [~Client_Client_ClientName] AS
Exists({[Client].[ClientName].Members}, [~Client_Client_ClientId])
SET [~ROWS_Client_Client] AS
Hierarchize({[~Client_Client_ClientId], [~Client_Client_ClientName]})
SET [~ROWS_UserStatus_UserStatus] AS
SET [~ROWS_UserType_UserType] AS
NON EMPTY {[Measures].[NewAddedProfiles], [Measures].[TotalProfileCount], [Measures].[UpdateProfileCount]} ON COLUMNS,
NON EMPTY NonEmptyCrossJoin([~ROWS_Time_Time.Default], NonEmptyCrossJoin([~ROWS_Client_Client], NonEmptyCrossJoin([~ROWS_UserStatus_UserStatus], [~ROWS_UserType_UserType]))) ON ROWS
FROM [UserProfilebyClient]

It return 1 record in saiku but 10 rows in CDA output.
Following is the out put of CDA.

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