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Thread: The table component does not refresh the data

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    Default The table component does not refresh the data

    Hy guys, it is my first thread in the forum.

    I can't make the table refresh the data based on the filter settings this way:

    Attachment 18451

    The param receipt the value that filter the selection correctly on MDX query, but when I link the param to the select
    who has the values for the filter, it does no filter the data for the table, the settings for the select follows:

    Attachment 18452

    And the datasource over mondrian that should receive the value parameter on the query:

    Name:  datasource_top_produtos.jpg
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    And the MDX query:

    Name:  query_mdx_produtos_empresa.jpg
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    I need to know what I doing wrong or what I need to do for make the filter data refresh selecting the option on the select.

    thanks in advance

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    Your attachments are not showing up. But a couple of questions:

    1. When you say it does not filter, do you mean you get the same rows or no rows at all?
    2. Have you checked the server logs for query execution errors?
    3. is param_empresa_produto a valid dimension member name?
    Pedro Vale
    CTools Product Development

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    Now I'm far from my home, I'll detail better when I be there, so the questions:

    1- I get the same rows like it was defined in MDX query on datasource, but the MDX query get the value of the parameter I created
    2- I did many times
    3- If me understand your question, param_empresa_produto is just the name of the simple parameter who holds the value of the select os the companies

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    Have you set listener of that parameter on table? So it will always change after parameter change? I don't see a single mention about this, so I think that could be your solution

    To change it go to table properties and in Listener (maybe Listening, I'm not sure) property select your parameter.
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    Ok guys, sorry about the delay returning to the thread.
    I trying to send the image of select component

    Name:  select componente.jpg
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    Now the image about the parameter:

    Name:  param_empresa_produto.jpg
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    And the parameter, you realize that the listener is on the property

    Name:  table_produtos.jpg
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    In select component you have in property Parameter lista_empresasParameter, but there should be your param_empresa_produto because this property of select component means into which Parameter new value will be assigned. So param_empresa_produto never changes because of that and listening it in table component does nothing

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