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Thread: Performance issue on table component

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    Default Performance issue on table component

    I have a dashboard made in Pentaho CDE 6.0. The loading takes almost 6 seconds. Views in the dashboard are:

    • 1 table Component, showing Revenue for last 12 months, by Client with posibility to drill down 4 levels (Client, Responsible 1, Responsible 2, Project). The initial view is 280 rows, 14 columns. All 4 levels expanded would be approx. 4000 rows. Drill down functionality is based on a dynamic MDX query with TOGGLEDRILLSTATE passing the MDX path at an on at clickAction event.

    • 1 table Component, showing Revenue for last 4 quarters, same requirements as above. All 4 levels expanded would be approx. 4000 rows.
    • 1 Bar chart Graph showing either tables graphically, depending on the selected row. I.e. a clickaction event on either table will trigger the bar chart view the clicked row.

    My problem is that the performance of 6 seconds is too bad, especially because each drill down takes the same amount of time. The problem seems at the javascript level when rendering the 2 DataTables and not the loading time of the data itself. I attached an image of the Google chrome performance debugging.
    Could you help me find a solution?
    Thanks in advance.
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    HAve you tried paging the table? Show 20 results per page and see if that improves the wait time. If nothing else, it will give you some more information on the source of the delay
    Pedro Vale
    CTools Product Development

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    First of all, I think you need think about minus is more.
    Your dashboard is a bit overloaded and most of this data was more often in a report than in a dashboard, think about it.

    Another solution could be modify the data with a more filter information, test if the data showed are really useful.

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