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Thread: help with schema design mondrian 4

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    Red face help with schema design mondrian 4

    Hi, im having some issues with this schema and i cant figure out how to make it work.

    pats(fact table)
    idVersion time sales
    1 20080301 6
    2 20080301 44
    1 20080302 3

    idVersion transmisión(idEquipmentValue) fuel(idEquipmentValue)
    1 33 5
    2 34 6

    idEquipmentValue Value
    33 automatic
    34 manual
    5 diesel
    6 gasoline

    transmision and fuel are attributes from Motor dimension.

    my schema:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><Schema name="Sales" metamodelVersion="4.0">
            <Table name="pats" />
            <Table name="atributosKVPDesnorm" />
        <Cube name="Sales">
                <Dimension name="Motor" table="atributosKVPDesnorm" key="Id">
                        <Attribute name="transmision" keyColumn="transmision"/>
                        <Attribute name='Id' keyColumn='idVersion' visible="false"/>
                <MeasureGroup name="Sumas" table="pats">
                        <Measure name="Suma Patentamientos" column="patentamientos" aggregator="sum" formatString="#,###.00" />
                        <ForeignKeyLink dimension="Motor" foreignKeyColumn="idVersion"/>
    With that, i can get the sum of sale by transmisión id(idEquipmentValues), but i want to use the value write in table EquipmentValues instead of id.
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