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Thread: Log the complete log details in JobLog table for each child job

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    Default Log the complete log details in JobLog table for each child job

    Hi Guys,

    I have a Parent and a child job. The parent job gets all the records (lets say 10) and for each single record it has to execute Child job. Here I want to log the data using Pentaho's in-built feature (Transaction Log - Job log table) for each child execution and each child execution should log only that particular execution's data.
    i.e: Parent gets 10 Batch IDs (101 to 110) and child runs 10 times. Here each child's execution like for Batch ID 101 to 110, it should log data in Job Log table for that particular Batch id only. So in child's job log table there will be 10 entries.

    Here issue I am facing is, let say child is running for batch id 105 then it tries log all the details from 101 to 105. And it could not log all details in JobLog, data gets truncated after 43,688 chars (Data type is CLOB). How do I restrict/commit the data in JobLog of child to that particular batch id execution.

    Any idea, how to resolve this issue?

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