Hi Team,

I am using Pentaho Report for generating PDF's. Right now I am facing issue with Report to get data from multiple MySql server tables joining together.

Let me explain the problem: I need to show some data on the report by connecting multiple MySql servers (Server#1, Server#2) from different database tables (Database#1 Table#1, Database#2 Table#2) and join those tables to get the desired results. Right now, from pentaho report designer when I was trying to execute the query by joining with different tables. it is not able to recognize the other server and so not executing the query. I created separate JNDI connections to connect to two MySql servers in Pentaho report designer.

I am able to connect and get the information from two different servers when I execute them with separate queries, but if I join both queries together I am not able to get the results when I tried to preview the query. Even I tried to add Connection Name/JNDI Connection name before database and table name like below but no luck.


Environment Details:
MySql Community edition
Connecting to MySql from Pentaho Report using JNDI configuration

Please help me out regarding this issue ASAP.