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Thread: Control/filter query results using SQL instead of MDX queries

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    Default Control/filter query results using SQL instead of MDX queries


    in my company, we have a couple of dashboards whose data come from MDX queries. In the mondrian schema file, we have defined several roles and associated each user to one or more roles according to the business rules. As we use MDX queries, the results from the queries are filtered according to the user roles.

    However, I'll need to replace some MDX queries with SQL queries, and I don't want to control and filter the data in the front-end for security reasons.

    I've found this post, in which the OP asks for how to pass the user role as a private parameter. But my question is: how can I control and filter the query results using this parameter in my SQL query?
    How can I emulate the cube and hierarchy access restrictions in the SQL queries corresponding to the current MDX queries of the dashboards?

    Thank you!
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    Hi all,

    Some answer?

    Thanks in advance.

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    We do something similar passing information across to enable security. You can di it by passing the session value into the SQL as you would any other parameter.

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