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Thread: How to switch between Report Pages in Dashboards CDE?

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    Default How to switch between Report Pages in Dashboards CDE?

    Hi there guys,

    I'm having issues when I try to get the pages to have some control when my Report have more than one page.

    With the report parameter there is no problem, it work good. But I want to have my own parameters in my Dashboard like, user-id, login name and that kind of stuff in a separate panel.

    Also I want to have control over the pages and a button to refresh. Im breaking my head against the screen because I can not figure out how can I achive it.

    Am I trying a crazy thing or maybe I do not have so much control over Javascript or Html? (I'm in pentaho 7.1 C.E.)

    Any help will be great.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi again,

    I hope if anyone want to do it, this answer will help. I finally did it with JavaScript and hardcoding.

    I have some elements from Layout Components with id (left, right, numberofPages...). Then, in my post execution on PRPT Component, I will search for the Buttons of the Report by class (pc_pagePrev and pc_pageNext) and make a simple setAttribute('onclick') on my Labels that will do the Job as Buttons. Than, everytime I click on this Labels (backward and fordward), I will make some click() on the button with class pc_pagePrev and Next from the Report, that I will set to hidden. For number of pages and everything is the same. You will need to look inside the iframe's document for those elements.

    Not so easy, but it works.

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