Good morning,

I have an existing Spring MVC website. The security is already set up and there is a single database source for the information. My users need a way to quickly generate reports based on that database and its relationships. I have seen on the website a UI where I was able to select the database (unnecessary in this case), and put together a quick report with filters. This seemed to be an entirely web based solution--I could pick columns, sort, etc. I would like to embed that experience in my own website.

Is there anyone who has done this? I find a few bits and pieces that lead me to believe that this is feasible, but very little in the way of coherent examples. I saw one bit that showed a list of maven dependencies, but nothing else.

Now, I do NOT need to embed a specific report or reports. I need to embed the report generator itself. It needs to appear in my website with the ability to select tables and so on. My users are diverse and there isn't much point is trying to generate a zillion one off reports when it appears that I can embed the generator itself.

Please, could someone point me into the right direction?

Thank you.