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Thread: Export Button not Working

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    Default Export Button not Working

    I am having trouble getting my export button to work. This is such a simple component (I mean, not much to configure), so I don't know where I might be going wrong. This is my component:

    Name csv_export_l1
    Label Export CSV
    Listeners []
    Parameters []
    Component Name tbl_l1
    Output Type csv
    HtmlObject export-l1-div

    Table tbl_l1 works just fine and the export button renders properly. When the button is clicked, there is the standards browser message "Waiting for my.server.url", and then nothing. Looking at the console, I see:

    HTML Code:
    GET https://my.server.url/pentaho/plugin/cda/api/unwrapQuery? net::ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE
    My table has listeners and parameters; I shouldn't need to add them to the export button component, but I tried that also and got the same results.

    Can anyone help? I'm dead in the water here.

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    No ideas? Anyone?

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    Are you able to test disabling https?
    Pedro Vale
    CTools Product Development

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