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Thread: Relative interval formula "yesterday", not working properly

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    Default Relative interval formula "yesterday", not working properly


    in my reports, I am often using relative intervals such as "Today", "Yesterday", "This week", "Previous week", "Last 7 days", etc.

    I have a "Relative date" dropdown menu with indexes, than "post-processing formula" in DATE picker, that overwrite DATE if specific "Relative date" is chosen.

    While most of them are working as they should, I have problem with interval "Yesterday" at the beginning of the month.

    The interval is defined as formula:
    DATEVALUE(NOW() - DAY(1));
    However, it returned 30.8. instead of 31.8. when I ran it 1.9. (this friday).

    I am running pentaho 7.1 CE and report_designer 7.1 too.

    Does anybody encountered this problem? Is there any chance how to fix it? Or perhaps, am I doing anything wrong?

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    Why are you not using YESTERDAY() ?
    The formula DATEVALUE(NOW() - DAY(1)) give you 2 days ago. So when you runs that today (4.9) it gives 2.9
    So then you should use DATEVALUE(NOW() - DAY(0))

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