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Thread: Struggling with group and details section

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    Default Struggling with group and details section

    I have one report with three different layouts. I can't find the right place to put the first two layouts so they repeat correctly. This is what I need:

    Layout 1 (1 page) for Project A
    Layout 2 (subreport that creates 2 pages) details for Project A
    Layout 1 (1 page) for Project B
    Layout 2 (2 pages) details for project B
    Layout 1 (1 page) for Project C
    Layout 2 (2 pages)
    Layout 3 (subreport that creates 70 pages)

    I have the subreport for Layout 3 in Report Footer and that works great.

    I have Layout 1 in Group Header but don't know where to put Layout 2. When I put it in Details, I only get 1 Layout 1 page but I do get all six Layout 2 pages.

    Is this enough information for someone to help or does it just sound like "Who's on first"? :-)

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    I would see if you can add an additional Group (Right click on Group)

    It may take some playing around with it to get the new Group added in the right spot, BUT, I think it's your best bet.

    I don't know.
    (He's on third)

    Good Luck!

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