I have one report with three different layouts. I can't find the right place to put the first two layouts so they repeat correctly. This is what I need:

Layout 1 (1 page) for Project A
Layout 2 (subreport that creates 2 pages) details for Project A
Layout 1 (1 page) for Project B
Layout 2 (2 pages) details for project B
Layout 1 (1 page) for Project C
Layout 2 (2 pages)
Layout 3 (subreport that creates 70 pages)

I have the subreport for Layout 3 in Report Footer and that works great.

I have Layout 1 in Group Header but don't know where to put Layout 2. When I put it in Details, I only get 1 Layout 1 page but I do get all six Layout 2 pages.

Is this enough information for someone to help or does it just sound like "Who's on first"? :-)