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Thread: How to show Percentages on TOP of the bar CCC Bar Chart

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    Lightbulb How to show Percentages on TOP of the bar CCC Bar Chart

    Hi All,

    My requirement is to show percentage on the top of the bar chart (non-stacked), so far I have got the percentages in between the bar charts all I need is to display them on the top.

    i have added this function in clickable action and made clickable TRUE

    function(scene) { var pctVar = scene.vars.value.percent;



    Then in advance propetries i have changed values visible = True and Valuemask= {Value}{(value.percent)}

    So what and all I need to do to show the percentages on the TOP of the Bar Charts? Thanks in Adnace!

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    Can anyone update on this? I was trying for a while but still came up with nothing

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    Something like

    valuesVisible: true
    valuesAnchor: top
    orthoAxisOffset: 0.05
    extensionPoints: label_textMargin: 5,
    extensionPoints: label_textBaseline: bottom

    See fe

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