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Thread: From Pentaho Report having issue in joining multiple tables from multiple servers

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    Default From Pentaho Report having issue in joining multiple tables from multiple servers

    Hi Team,

    I am using Pentaho Report for generating PDF's. Right now I am facing issue with Report to get data from multiple MySql server tables joining together.

    Let me explain the problem: I need to show some data on the report by connecting multiple MySql servers (Server#1, Server#2) from different database tables (Database#1 Table#1, Database#2 Table#2) and join those tables to get the desired results. Right now, from pentaho report designer when I was trying to execute the query by joining with different tables. it is not able to recognize the other server and so not executing the query. I created separate JNDI connections to connect to two MySql servers in Pentaho report designer.

    I am able to connect and get the information from two different servers when I execute them with separate queries, but if I join both queries together I am not able to get the results when I tried to preview the query. Even I tried to add Connection Name/JNDI Connection name before database and table name like below but no luck.


    Environment Details:
    MySql Community edition
    Connecting to MySql from Pentaho Report using JNDI configuration

    Please help me out regarding this issue ASAP.


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    You can use PDI as a datasource in your report and join the 2 tables within PDI

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    Thank you for the reply. I don't want to use PDI or other tools. From Report designer only I want to join multiple tables from different MySQL servers.


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    From your primary Server, make sure you have linked servers, and that you can write your SQL query within your MySQL tool(WorkBench, etc.) if your query is successful there, you can write it directly into your report in the data section.

    But if your query will not work when you run\test it directly on your Server, within your tools, then it will not run successfully within Report Designer.

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