I'm facing a problem when trying to open reports made with Pentaho Report Designer in my Bi-Server CE 5.0.1. They were working perfect until today that my Chrome updated to version 61. Now, when opening a report with Chrome v61, the parameters box is missing and in the console i've found this error.

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It reads like this:
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier
    at fire (:7080/pentaho/content/pentaho-cdf/js/jquery.js:1047)
    at Object.fireWith (:7080/pentaho/content/pentaho-cdf/js/jquery.js:1165)
    at ready (:7080/pentaho/content/pentaho-cdf/js/jquery.js:436)
This is how it looks in Firefox (it works ok in Firefox and even in previous versions of Chrome):

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And this is how it looks in Chrome (the parameters box is missing in Chrome v61):

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Any help??