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Thread: Pentaho 7.1 PDF wrong diacritc

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    Default Pentaho 7.1 PDF wrong diacritc

    We have installed new LINUX server for our Pentaho installation, but I am having problem with diacritics in PDF generated files.

    For web (HTML), I have set encoding to "utf-8" which is working perfectly.
    BUT for PDF encoding "utf-8" is not working. I have "fixed" it on old server by setting up "CP-1250" encoding, but I don't want to use old standard anymore.
    So I have been trying to fix it.

    I have set option in "pentaho-server/tomcat/webapps/pentaho/WEB-INF/classes/" to:


    but PDF versions of report are still ignoring letters with diacritics..

    Soo, my thought is, that there must be some PDF encoding setting above this, perhaps some global PDF generator setting or perhaps Java or Linux itself?
    Is anyone able to give me a hint where should I look, what to check?

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    We had this problem, but it was because of the font selected to generate the pdf, it was not between the fonts installed on the Linux server, and when generating the PDF with the default font it had a problem with non English characters. It might not be your problem, but it's worth checking. Take a look to the fonts installed in the server and check if the font you're using in the report is one of them. If not, test quickly if that would solve your problem by doing a quick report using one of the fonts in the server.
    OS: Ubuntu 16.04 64 bits
    Java: Openjdk 1.8.0_131
    Pentaho 6.1 CE

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    Thanks Ana GH. It actually worked and my problem is solved.

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