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Thread: Pentaho Report designer- different timezones?

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    Smile Pentaho Report designer- different timezones?


    I have report generated with connection to mysql database and table contains the column date.Client wants to have filter for different timezones and based on that date it should automatically convert the existing date according to timezone selected.Is it possible on front end without doing any manipulation in backend tables?

    Please help me out if anyone has any clue on this.Any help is appreciated.

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    In your query use a convert_tz function on the table timestamp in combination with some query scripting

    So in your query use something like this

    CONVERT_TZ (TableColumn,'dbServerTimezone','FILTER Timezone')

    Then in query scripting select Groovy and use something like this

    def computeQuery (query, queryName, dataRow)
         query = query.replaceAll("FILTER Timezone", dataRow.get("parameter1"))
         return query
    You will need to create a parameter and whatever it is called replace parameter1 above with it

    This parameter can then be powered by a series of simple select statements that are joined with a UNION so something like

    S E L E C T 'UTC' as timezone
    S E L E C T 'Europe/Paris'

    Hopefully that makes sense

    **I had to put spaces in the word select as the forum does not like the full word

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    Thanks a lot for the answer i will try this.

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