Ok, I admit it – I am one of those people that actually likes changes and views it as an opportunity. Four years ago, I announced here that Webdetails joined Pentaho. For the ones who don't know, Webdetails was the Portugese-based consulting company that then turned into Pentaho Portugal (and expanded from 20 people at the time to 60+), completely integrated into the Pentaho structure.

Two years ago, we announced that Pentaho was acquired by HDS, becoming a Hitachi Group Company.

We have a new change today - and since I'm lazy (and in Vegas, for the Hitachi Next event, and would rather be at our party at the Mandalay Bay Beach than in my room writing this blog post!), I'll simply steal the same structure I used two years ago (when Pentaho was acquired) and get straight to the point! :pBig news

An extremely big transformation has been taking place and materialized itself today, September 19, 2017. A new company is born. Meet: Hitachi Vantara

You may be asking yourselves: Can it possibly be a coincidence that the new company is launched on the exact same day I turn 40? Well, actually yes, a complete coincidence... :/

This new company unifies the mission and operations of Pentaho, Hitachi Data Systems and Hitachi Insight Group into a single business. More info in the Pentaho blog: Hitachi Vantara - Here's what it means

What does this mean?

It has always been our goal to provide an offering that would allow customers to build their high value, data driven solutions. We were, I think, successful at doing that! And now we (Hitachi Vantara) want to take it to the next level, thus this transformation is needed: We're aiming higher - we want to not only to be the best at (big) data orchestration and analytics, we want to do so in this new IoT / social innovation ecosystem aiming to be the biggest player in the market.

And this transformation will allow us to do that!

What will change?

So that it's clear, Pentaho, as a product will continue to exist. Pentaho, as a company, is now Hitachi Vantara.

And for Pentaho as a product, this gives us conditions we've never had to improve the product focusing on what we need to do best (big data orchestration and analytics) and leveraging from other groups in the company on areas that even though they weren't our core focus, people expect us to have.

Overall, we'll also improve the overall portfolio interoperability. While so far we've always tried to be completely agnostic, now we'll keep saying that but add a small detail: But we have to work better with our stuff - because we can make it happen!

Community implications

This one is very easy!!! I'll just copy paste my previous answer - because it didn't change:

Throughout all the talks, our relationship and involvement with the community has always been one of the strong points of Pentaho, and seen with much interest.
The relationship between the community and a commercial company exists because it’s mutually beneficial. In Pentaho’s case, the community gets access to software it otherwise couldn’t, and Pentaho gets access to an insane amount of resources that contribute to the project. Don’t believe me? Check the Pentaho Marketplace for the large number of submissions, Jira for all the bug reports and improvement suggestions we get out of all the real world tests, and discussions on the forums or on the several available email lists.
Is anyone, in his or her right mind, willing to let all this go? Nah.
Plus, not having a community would render my job obsolete, and no one wants that, right? (don’t answer, please!)
The difference? We wanna do this bigger, better and faster!

And things are already moving in that direction. We are moving the Pentaho Community page to the Hitachi Vantara communit site with some really col interactive and social features. You can visit our new home here https://community.hitachivantara.com/community/products-and-solutions/pentaho. I look forward to engaging with all of you on this new site.

Will Hitachi Vantara shut down it's Pentaho CE edition / it's open source model?

I will, once again, repeat the previous answer:

Just in case the previous answer wasn’t clear enough, lemme spell it out with all the words: There are no plans of changing our opensource strategy or stop providing a CE edition to our community!
Can that change in the future? Oh, absolutely yes! Just like it could have changed in the past. And when could it change? When it stops making sense; when it stops being mutually beneficial. And on that day, I’ll be the first one to suggest a change to our model.

And speaking of which - don't forget to register to PCM17! It's going to be the best ever!