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Thread: Hide series not intial load -, {visible: true}) not work

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    Default Hide series not intial load -, {visible: true}) not work

    I have a bar chart in Pentaho CDE 6.0, fed by data in the following structure:

    MonthYear | Revenue | Cost | GM%
    month 1 value value value

    The settings are
    • crosstab true and
    • series in rows false.

    This takes monthYear as X time axis and the 3 measures as series.
    Revenue and cost are stacked on plot1 and GM% is on plot2.

    Via the legend I can toggle so that either series is hidden.
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    Now I want to hide the Revenue and cost on initial load.
    I follow this article but I cannot use in my pre-execution. A message comes, that the chart property is null. This is strange. When I debug this, the chart property exists....

    Please your guidance.

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    if you're referring to this article:,
    it says there that you should put the code in postExecution, and not in preExecution.


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    Thanks... I had tried many times in renderCallBack and pre-execution. Now I finally understand why it needs in post-Execution.

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