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Thread: Spoon takes insanely long time to start

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    Default Spoon takes insanely long time to start

    I am running Spoon - Pentaho EE V 6.1 on my laptop (8 GB RAM) and allocated 4 G to Spoon. Still it takes 3 minutes and 30 seconds to start. I dont have any plugins and my plugins directory is empty. I have also tried this by closing all applications and processes but with no luck. Am I missing anything obvious?

    Sep 22, 2017 10:15:13 AM org.apache.cxf.bus.osgi.CXFExtensionBundleListener addExtensions
    INFO: Adding the extensions from bundle org.apache.cxf.cxf-rt-javascript (208) [org.apache.cxf.javascript.JavascriptServerListener]
    Sep 22, 2017 10:15:13 AM org.pentaho.caching.impl.PentahoCacheManagerFactory$Reg
    istrationHandler$1 onSuccess
    INFO: New Caching Service registered
    2017/09/22 10:15:27 - General - Logging plugin type found with ID: CheckpointLog Table
    2017/09/22 10:18:00,201 ERROR [KarafLifecycleListener] Error in Blueprint Watcher org.pentaho.osgi.api.IKarafBlueprintWatcher$BlueprintWatcherException: Unknown error in KarafBlueprintWatcher at org.pentaho.osgi.impl.KarafBlueprintWatcherImpl.waitForBlueprint( at org.pentaho.di.osgi.KarafLifecycleListener$ at Source)
    Caused by: org.pentaho.osgi.api.IKarafBlueprintWatcher$BlueprintWatcherException : Timed out waiting for blueprints to load: pdi-dataservice-server-plugin,pentaho-big-data-impl-shim-initializer,pentaho-big-data-impl-shim-hdfs,pentaho-big-data-impl-shim-hbase,pentaho-big-data-impl-shim-mapreduce,pentaho-big-data-impl-shim-pig,pentaho-big-data-impl-shim-oozie,pentaho-big-data-impl-shim-sqoop,pentaho-big-data-impl-vfs-hdfs,pentaho-big-data-kettle-plugins-common-named-cluster-bridge,pentaho-big-data-kettle-plugins-guiTestActionHandlers,pentaho-big-data-kettle-plugins-hdfs,pentaho-big-data-kettle-plugins-hbase,pentaho-big-data-kettle-plugins-mapreduce,pentaho-big-data-kettle-plugins-pig,pentaho-big-data-kettle-plugins-oozie,pentaho-big-data-kettle-plugins-sqoop,pentaho-hadoop-shims-mapr-osgi-jaas,pentaho-big-data-impl-clusterTests,pentaho-big-data-impl-shim-shimTests,pentaho-yarn-api,pentaho-yarn-impl-shim,pentaho-yarn-kettle-plugin,pentaho-metaverse-core,pentaho-metaverse-web,pentaho-requirejs-osgi-manager,pentaho-angular-bundle,common-ui-,pentaho-marketplace-di at org.pentaho.osgi.impl.KarafBlueprintWatcherImpl.waitForBlueprint(
    ... 2 more
    2017/09/22 10:18:42 - General - Starting agile-bi
    2017/09/22 10:18:43 - class org.pentaho.agilebi.platform.JettyServer - WebServer.Log.CreateListener localhost:10001
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    Finally found the answer. Its a known issue and fixed under Version 7
    There seems to be a timing issue in the Karaf Blueprint Watcher where sometimes it will ask a bundle for its blueprint file before the bundle is in RESOLVED state. This triggers a (usually) parallel resolve that causes the bundle to be destroyed immediately after creation.

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    I'm running 7.1 and still have this issue. Didn't get much from the JIRA tickets.

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    I've removed all the PDI components described here:

    Spoon starts in 2 seconds now instead of 2 minutes.

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    yep, but without repository. Doesn't it?

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