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Thread: Group By - how can I aggregate a stream field (concatenate str) to only pass n vals?

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    Question Group By - how can I aggregate a stream field (concatenate str) to only pass n vals?

    All -

    I have many rows of data that have a one to many relationships that I am using Group By step. I then choose some stream fields to agrregrate Type = Concatenate strings separated by,

    The issue is that there are too many and I just want the first n values only to be included in the concatenate.

    Here is an example of rows:


    What I get today is (after using Group By) is:

    host1,"app1, app2, app3, app4, app5, ...","supporta, supportb, supportb, supportc, supportd, ..."

    What I want is to limit to only 4 values max! So the end result I want is:

    host1,"app1, app2, app3, app4","supporta, supportb, supportb, supportc"

    Please advise! Thank you in advance Gurus!!


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    Not that it's a good way, but you could run it through a "Add value fields changing sequence" and then filter for counter < 5 before running it through the Group By step.

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    Brilliant and simple idea!!!

    Thanks for the quick response.


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