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Thread: MongoDB datasource - parameterizable connection details

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    Default MongoDB datasource - parameterizable connection details


    I just started to use Pentaho Reporting and I wanted to use MongoDB datasource.

    But I cannot find any way, how to parametrize connection details (database name, ...). The string replacement syntax ${} is not working here.
    I need to parametrize database credentials and than run report creation from PDI via Pentaho Reporting step - and pass here some parameters.

    I found a solution by using PDI transformation as data source for report (and pass variables in a way PDI (reporting step) -> reporter -> PDI (transformation defined as data source) ), but this not clean and it is not working well.

    Can somebody help? Really is not possible to parametrize MongoDB data source connection?

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    You cannot replace structural elements of a query using the normal parameter syntax as it leaves it open to SQL injection

    You can however use query scripting to do this

    See my reply in this thread:

    You can use the same idea to do what you want

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    Thank you for your answer, it was helpful.

    I solved it by usage the Scriptable data source, where I use mongo driver for reading from database.

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