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Thread: Pass a variable to table input script

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    Default Pass a variable to table input script

    HI, I want to get a data from db with condition where the condition is passed from a text file that act as controller for the script to run.
    attach below are the screenshot for my transformation and steps:
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    transformation: get data from text file which will be the condition for the table input script, get variable step to set variable.

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    script for my table input

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    text file input with data that will control table input script

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    get variable setting

    I can run this transformation, but there is no table input and text file output produce. see below:
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    what did i do wrong in this transformation?


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    I think USER_NAME= '?' needs to be changed to USER_NAME='${CF}'

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    You don't need your Get Variables if you are trying to get a column from a prior steps.

    Please take the time to learn about variables in PDI before you try to use them. Our language is finicky but distinct (Tranformation *Steps*, Job *Entries*) making it really clear what things are being talked about.

    Next, you won't need the ' around the ? in your Table Input (" WHERE USER_NAME = ? ") You will only be allowed ONE column coming into the table input step. IF you have more than one column, you will get an error.

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