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Thread: Renaming Connection Affects all Transformations

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    Default Renaming Connection Affects all Transformations

    I may be doing something wrong here. I have a DB connection named for after the Database, Host, and Port on which the DB is running. All development has taken place using the connection.

    When taking the code live, the connection details have changed; that's not a problem, I can update the properties. But I want to rename the connection so that it does not cause confusion when viewing connections. Seems that the connection name itself is what ties the connection to the transformation(s). And, renaming a connection actually creates a new connection object rather than updating the existing connection.

    My question is, should I handle this differently? And if so, how?

    My suggestion is, might it be beneficial to relate connections to transformations via a unique ID vs the Connection Name, thereby allowing changes to the Connection Name?

    Jim Watson

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    which version you are using , i checked the same in 7.1 and could not found that if we rename a connection then it will created a different connection.

    Also check your sharing connection property, and shared file in prod env.

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    Rather than renaming your connections, set the connection variables in your file. That way you can have a dev version of connection xyz that points to your dev server, and, on the production server, the variables for xyz point to the production server.

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