Am very new to pentaho and also non-technical / Business Analyst.
Tried few samples of simple dashboards, with drill down and interactive features as below:

A) Drill down from pie chart (shows yearly summary) to Sunburst chart by clicking on year slice from pie chart - by passing 2 parameters thru URL. (viz. Year and Product as 'ALL PRODUCTS' )

B) Sunburst chart displays Year/Product/Quarter/Month summary of reported issues of ALL products for the year selected from pie chart. e.g:When I select 2004 and enter sunburst chart-> inner ring will indicate ALL PRODUCTS,next ring will indicate 4 quarters of 2004, outermost ring will list respective months of each of quarter depending on my data. There is a dropdown Select on top of the page which enable product filter.

C)Able to correctly refresh SUNBURST CHART based on product filter.

D)When I click on sunbust chart ->depending on where i clicked,am able to get the respective value (Product or Quarter or Month) - >using scene.getCategory();


1)Am unable to set/get the value at step (D) to new custom parameter in order to use it on other charts within same dashboard.. Have noted that none of the Dashboard.Methods() are working under 'Click Action' of sunburst chart hence used below as per pentaho documentation:

var Cat = scene.getCategory();
alert("Category:"+Cat); //alert 1
this.dashboard.setParameter('Param_QtrMonth', Cat) / this.dashboard.setParameterValue('Param_QtrMonth'); (both options are tried)
alert("Variable is set"); //alert 2

Alert (1) is displayed with category value , however execution is suspended on below line (setparameter) and not getting alert(2).
Have tried to invoke fireChange () method also, but no luck.!!!!..(Pre/Post execution events are also tried with the above code).

Have below observation:
Am unable to find the "support RequireJSSupport" checkbox while saving the dashboard as per below link:


Any special set up reqd for enabling above?

Is it that situation will be better if I try some prior versions of CDE..?....IF SO, WHICH ONE?

Pls help me with this....also provide me links of online tutorials which would be useful for a non-technical beginner.

Am completely STUCK..!!..:-(....

Thanks in advance