Using PUC

Problem occurs when PUC is opened on machines on another network: the UI becomes non-responsive, nothing occurs when clicking on the menu and buttons.
In the same network, everything works like a charm.

On google chrome developer tools, I noticed that there was a pending request on ring.js (pentaho/content/common-ui/resources/web/ring/ring.js). HTTP Response Header had a "Content-type: Chunk" item, and the status "ERROR INCOMPLETE CHUNKED ENCODING".

We disabled all local antivirus, but the problem continued. Apparently the request passed normally by the proxy.

After many trials and errors, I started removing content from ring.js until I could download the file. And finally I got the problem, that was on "function Object() {};". I don't know why, but after replacing that by "function xObject() {};", and changing all the other references for Object to xObject in the file, the problem was fixed.

So that's it, guys! An ugly workaround, but maybe helps someone. Maybe there is an issue with antivirus on our proxy server, I'll still try to discover that.
If any of you had an ideia of what caused this, please share!