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Thread: Error conversion date and/or time conversion when running transformation

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    Default Error conversion date and/or time conversion when running transformation


    I got a transformation which will create a text file from a table.
    the query got a where condition between 2 datetime; a datetime from a textfile properties lastmodifiedtime and a datetime using sysdatetime()

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    this is the transformation. i get the file properties using get file name and pass the selected value using select value step and get the value to result using copy row to result step. is this step correct to get pass value to query?

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    the query, is the query correct for passing value from the textfile properties?

    attached below is the transformation for review.

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    You forgot to specify the input step in the Table-Input settings.
    Also, you might want to choose an explicit character encoding in Text-File-Output.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Remove copy rows to the result and in table input, you should specify the value as "select values" in "insert data from step" drop down. In the output file its good to specify the format for the timestamp fields.

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