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Thread: number format ok in PRD but not in User Console (PDF)

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    Default number format ok in PRD but not in User Console (PDF)

    Hi everybody !

    My issue come from number format. I have number-field in my report (PRD 3.9). I set format to "#,###". When I preview my report in PRD, number 200111 is displayed 200 111. It's what I want.
    But When I publish my report on user console (v4.8), number is displayed 200111, without space. This issue appears only when I use PDF format, in HTML, it works.

    Have you any idea why ? Is there a paramater I have to set somewhere ?

    Thanks in advance for your help !

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    It's ok now, I changed the font used in my report. It was "Serif", when I put "Arial" and publish my report on PUC, format number is ok.

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