I'm a relatively new user, I've looked thru the forum and I can't figure out what I've done wrong. I'm using PRD 7 on a mac

In a report I'm using a Pentaho Data Integration Data Source. When I create a new data source, I can either browse to my transformation, or type it in. Either way in my dialog I don't have any steps showing.

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A couple of times they've shown up, and no matter what I've tried now, I can't get the steps to show in the window.

I've tried "select query" from the right hand side of the designer and nothing happens. Which kind of makes sense to me, seeing as I didn't select a specific step.

I just can't get the steps to show in that dialog, and I'm following the instructions on how to make these datasources. Any ideas why this wouldn't work?

Thank you for any help,