Hi, I'm trying to call a REST Web Service (of clickmeeting) with REST Client with method POST, but the WS require that the parameter is an array. But when I call the WS it return like no parameter is found. Next I describe:

What the WS requires:

POST https://api.clickmeeting.com/v1/conferences/<:room_id>/registration
(int) room_id room identifier.
(array) registration registration array
1 - first name.
2 - second name.
3 - email address.
or describe in other way
$params = array(
'registration' => array(
1 => 'John',
2 => 'Dee',
3 => 'example@domain.com',

If I use via curl it works:

curl --request POST https://api.clickmeeting.com/v1/conf...6/registration --header "X-Api-Key:eu802b39133234343243242347126a6" --data "registration[1]=John&registration[2]=Smith&registration[3]=jsmith@gmail.com"

What I do (the different options that I've Tried)

Option1) the array as constant with following: registration[1]=John&registration[2]=Smith&registration[3]=jsmith@gmail.com
Option2) as Json that return the json with field 1,2,3 with json bloc name "registration"
Option3) include constant as parameter with &registration=John,Smith,jsmith@gmail.com

Always it returns as no found the array parameter:

{"code":422,"name":"VALIDATION_ERRORS","errors":[{"name":1,"message":"The "First Name" field is required and can`t be empty."},{"name":2,"message":"The "Last Name" field is required and can`t be empty."},{"name":3,"message":"The "Email Address" field is required and can`t be empty."}]}

Thanks in advance